The Clubhouse Lotto is raising funds for the new HHRFC Clubhouse and Club-related facilities and gives you the chance to win CASH PRIZES.

The price of membership is just £10 per month payable by direct debit.


There is one prize of £120 each month.
Win once and you have paid for your full year’s subscription.

There are two Prize Draws each year, at Christmas and at End of Season (Easter), with significant cash prizes to be won. The Club guarantees that 50% of subscriptions will be distributed in cash prizes each Lotto year. The size of the cash prizes will depend on the number of members in September each year.

FAQ relating to the Clubhouse Lotto is attached below.

If you require any further information please contact Arthur Chopping


£120 Kate Benstead (January)
£120 Roger Harris (February)
£120 Donald Miller-Jones (March)
£120 Simon Cowan (April)

End of 2023-24 Season:
£500 Simon Deeble
£1,000 Oliver Simpson

£120 Simon Cowan (January)
£120 Kate Benstead (February)
£120 Chris Openshaw (March)
£120 Dave Grimley (April)
£120 Kate Benstead (May)
£120 Michael Biddle (June)
£120 Mark Bone (July)*
£120 James Stay (August)
£120 Alistair Travis (September)
£120 Paul Graham (October)
£120 Roger Davies (November)
£120 Anthony Davies (December)**

Christmas prizes 2023:
£1,000 Jeremy Travis
£500 Paul Graham

End of 2022-23 season:
£500 Matt Benstead
£1,000 Graham Childs

£120 Nigel Clark (January) **
£120 Kate Benstead (February)
£120 Roger Green (March)
£120 Nigel Richards (April)**
£120 Matt Benstead (May)
£120 Anthony Davies (June)
£120 Roger Harris (July)
£120 Anthony Davies (August)
£120 Simon Cowan (September)
£120 Simon Cowan (October)
£120 Toby Simpson (November)
£120 JJ Masters (December)**

Christmas prizes:
£1,000 Matt Benstead
£500 Mark Newey

End of 2021-22 season:
£500 John Masters**
£1,000 Tony Elphick

** Generously donated all winnings to the HHRFC Clubhouse Fund

Previous winners:

The winners of the first three £120 Lotto prizes drawn on Saturday 31 August 2019 were Toby Simpson, Gareth Fergusson and John Robinson.

John Robinson kindly donated 50% of his winnings to the HHRFC Clubhouse Fund.

£120 Mark Bone (October)

The Christmas draw took place on Saturday 7 December 2019.
The winners of £120 for November and December were Gareth Fergusson and Simon Cowan respectively.
The winner of the £250 Christmas Prize was Donald Miller-Jones who kindly donated his prize to The Clubhouse Fund.
The winner of the £750 Christmas Prize was Bill Clinton.


£120 David Grimley (January 2020)
£120 John Robinson (Feb)
£120 Roger Tagg (March)
£120 Alistair Travis (April)
£120 Simon Cowan (May)
£120 Tony Elphick (June)
£120 Arthur Chopping* (July)
£120 Paul Graham (August)
£120 Mark Bone (Sept)

End of season Prize Draw:
£500 Luca Smuraglia
£1,000 Kev Bream

£120 Gail Chopping* (Oct)
£120 John Wilshire (Nov)
£120 Joanne McDonald (Dec)

Christmas Prize Draw:
£120 Paul Hastings** (January 2021)
£250 Tim Bearman
£750 Gail Chopping


£120 Mike Day (Feb)
£120 Michael Biddle (March)
£120 Sandy Fleming (April)
£120 Bill Clinton** (May)

End of season prize draw:
£500 Graham Childs
£1,000 Scott McIntosh

£120 Sue Day (June)
£120 Simon Hobden** (July)
£120 Geoff Lashbrook* (August)
£120 Paul Graham**(September)
£120 Jo Mc Donald (October)
£120 Gordon Denslow (November)
£120 Nigel Clark (December) **

Christmas Prize Draw:
£1,000 Toby Simpson
£250 Sarah Galbraith-Gibbons

*Generously donated 50% of winnings to the HHRFC Clubhouse Fund.
** Generously donated all winnings to the HHRFC Clubhouse Fund


Clubhouse Lotto FAQ